The Baby Scales Initiative

The Baby Scales Initiative was started by enthousiastic professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland. It was initiated by Medicaments Pour Tous, a Swiss non profit organization. After collaborating on a number of projects in Europe, we put our heads together to find a way to challenge one of the most fundamental health issues in low-income countries. We built a simple idea that have a huge impact!

Scale blue-01.png
Weight with a true scale. Define the right balance for everything you do in your personal life and for the society.
— Khaoula

How it works

We are partnering with local NGOs to deliver calibrated scales to rural communities in low-resource settings. Weighting scales are a low cost, high impact intervention which carry little to no risk. By providing weighting scales, we are providing the basic tools to improve health outlook for infants, children and mothers.

Our goal is to ensure that our impact provides sustainable change. To guarantee sustainable and long-term improvement of health, we provide training to local staff on the use and calibration of scales, correct dosing of medications, prescribing nutritional plans, recognizing danger signs and reporting birthweight data.

Through partnership with the Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute, we are also expanding knowledge on the impact of calibrated weighting scales on dosage calculations accuracy and improving best practice guidelines for introduction of weighting scales in a variety of low-resource settings.

Consider This:

20 million :

The number of low-birth weight infantsborn annually in developing countries.

65 % :

The estimated percentage of births in Sub-Saharan Africa which are not weighted annually.

20 x times:

infants weighted less than 2500g (defined by the WHO as low birthweight) are 20 x more likely to die than higher birthweight babies.

Works cited on the page from "Low Birthweight: country, Regional and Global Estimates.WHO / UNICEF 2004."